Connecting Marine Protected Areas Can Improve Ocean Health

Research shows that large, fully protected marine areas help conserve valuable biodiversity and can reverse many of the detrimental impacts caused by humans.

This is whole spectrum of areas that compels protection of the environment. This is part of ones life that all things has value and cost attached to.

Thank you Robson for your perspective on this. I fully agree. If we can realise a network of transboundary MPAs in the region, there will be much benefits to gain from doing so in terms of protecting coral reefs, migratory species corridors, ranges etc. and threatened species as well as mobilising/sharing resources, knowledge and expertise to facilitate this. it could also help participating countries to collectively address IUU in an effective manner. However, we’ll need the political will and effective coordination to make make this possible.

In my experiences it quite uncomfortable in times where policies for enacting laws. In some society let say Melanesian generally authority is not absolute where state domain is foreign to its traditional governance. I felt that policies in such situation should put some limits for where state, sub-state (provincial level) and the community. To control or making a framework for a collective management and development would be ideal. Some should share on experiences on this when traditional knowledge clashes with state law etc…

Thank you Robson. I fully agree that there is a disconnect between national law and local/customary law. There are some examples from the region where government law and community by-laws clash and conflict. Thankfully, a high percentage of land and sea in our region falls under customary ownership, which is a significant empowering factor for local communities. Also in recent years, co-management approach to community conservation initiatives has been flagged by some as the most suitable approach for our region.