PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 03-07-2020

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03 July 2020

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Solomon Islands - Malaitans reap benefits from conserving marine areas

Communities along the coastline of Malaita Province have transformed degraded natural environments in recent years – and have improved their access to local foods as a consequence…But these natural resources have been under increasing pressure.


Papua New Guinea - PNG sea cucumber season delayed

Severe penalties will be issued to Papua New Guinea fishermen who ignore a new order postponing the start of the sea cucumber harvesting…

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Vanuatu - West Coast Santo overcomes Cyclone Harold devastation with a focus on Environment

History was made yesterday on the remote West Coast of Santo, as the Santo Sunset Environment Network (SSEN) ratified its new Constitution…

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Marshall Islands - US says leaking nuclear waste dome is safe; Marshall Islands leaders don’t believe it

In response to a directive from Congress, the Department of Energy released a report this week assessing the risks of a 50-year-old cracking…

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Samoa - Government postpones styrofoam ban

The Government has deferred enforcing a nationwide ban on the use of styrofoam plates and cups due to the coronavirus [COVID-19]…

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American Samoa - Park Service reports $3.6 million spent in Nat’l Park of American Samoa

The US Secretary of Interior David L. Bernhardt announced last week the annual economic benefit of the national parks to the U.S. and…

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Australia - NSW makes record land purchase for new national park

The New South Wales government’s purchase of 153,415 hectares of private land for a new national park is being heralded as a significant win…

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New Zealand - Unless we improve the law, history shows rushing shovel-ready projects comes with real risk

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so too is the road to economic recovery if we don’t get it right. The COVID-19 Recovery…

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Palau - Advancing Drone Technology for People and the Planet

Island Conservation is releasing a request for proposals for a heavy-lift drone with advanced capabilities…for the removal of invasive rats from…

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10th Pacific Islands Conference Nature Conservation and Protected Areas

SPREP, PIRT and New Caledonia, event organizers for the 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas…

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Opinion: Now is the time for ‘big ocean states’ to build back bluer

While the coronavirus continues its deadly progress in countries and cities around the world, some small island developing states in the…

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Initial economic impact of COVID-19 reported for Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau

US Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary, Insular and International Affairs Douglas W. Domenech today announced the…

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COVID-19 related Challenges for Protected Areas and Biodiversity in the Pacific Region

The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Programme (BIOPAMA) is conducting a global review of the impacts of COVID-19 on area based…

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Fewer than 20 extinctions a year: does the world need a single target for biodiversity?

Next year, all eyes will be on Kunming, China, as talks resume on a new set of global goals to protect biodiversity. These are much needed, because…

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Deep sea mining could destroy undiscovered species, says Ocean Panel

Environmentalists including Britain’s David Attenborough have called for a ban on deep-seabed mining that would extract resources including…

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New lessons from the worst oil spill disaster ever

Ten years ago, the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico killed eleven men and resulted in the largest accidental oil spill in history…

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Turku scientists “race against the clock” to save biodiversity

Researchers at the University of Turku have discovered 40 new species so far this year, including 17 spiders, 23 insects, one millipede, and one…

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Their fate isn’t sealed: Pacific nations can survive climate change – if locals take the lead

They contribute only 0.03% of global carbon emissions, but small island developing states, particularly in the Pacific, are at extreme risk to the…

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Strengthening Protected Area Management Effectiveness Webinar

We’re excited to share this free learning and sharing opportunity. The team out of IUCN WCPA have put together a free online webinar series…

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Research reveals fishing pressures affect tropical and temperate reefs differently

In a study published recently in Ecology and Evolution, an international team of researchers focused on what can happen to…

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Global Reef Expedition: Solomon Islands Final Report

The Global Reef Expedition: Solomon Islands Final Report summarizes the Foundation’s findings from this research mission and provides…

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Study finds plastic recycling from Europe being dumped in Asian waters

New research from NUI Galway and the University of Limerick has for the first time quantified the volume of plastic from European countries…

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Microplastic pollution accumulates heavily in coastal areas such as fjords and estuaries

Microplastic pollution in marine environments is concentrated most highly in coastal habitats, especially fjords and estuaries, according to…

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CBD Bio-Bridge Initiative - Criteria and Procedure for Bio-Bridge Initiative Projects

As part of its mandate to catalyse and facilitate technical and scientific cooperation, the Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI) currently provides seed…

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BIOPAMA Rapid Response Grants 2020

On 2 June 2020 the BIOPAMA Action Component launched the call for proposals for Rapid Response Grants. The Rapid Response Grants are…

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Professional Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction

Do not miss this last chance to register on our Professional Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction, taking place on the 13th - 17th July 2020…

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Professional Certificate in Strategic Climate Change Adaptation

This course will provide those involved in planning for climate change adaptation with a clear understanding of the threats posed by a…

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Second call for application - Pacific Fund 2020

A second call for application of the 2020 Pacific Fund is now open until 6 September 2020. To be selected, projects will need to contribute to the…

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