PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 06-11-2020

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06 November 2020


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Vanuatu - Environmental Rangers supporting chiefs protect Taboo and Conservation Areas on Santo

In late October, 36 individuals from around the North West and West Coast Santo area councils converged on the village of Penouru to participate in Vanuatu’s first Environmental Ranger training program.


Cook Islands - Cook Islands govt defends taking plunge on deepsea mining

The Cook Islands prime minister has denied that his country is gambling with ocean health by opening up for deep sea mining exploration…

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Solomon Islands - Ontong Java chief calls on Fisheries to return confiscated beche-de-mer

A Lord Howe chief has called on the Ministry of Fisheries to return the beche-de-mer that were confiscated on Tuesday night this week back to…

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Palau - Kayangel Landowners Secure Protection of Unique Atoll Forests and Endangered Species for Palau’s Children

As one of only two atoll islands in Palau, the atoll forests and strand vegetation of Kayangel are unique to Palau’s forests…

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Tonga - Tongans question government plans for seabed mining

Tongans are seeking answers from the government over its plans for seabed mining in the country’s waters. A national consultation on seabed…

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New Zealand - New Zealand Could Soon Protect One of World’s Most Biodiverse Marine Areas

In 2015, then-New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced his commitment to protect the waters surrounding the Kermadec Islands…

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Australia - Pests, pathogens and pandemics: Australia’s biosecurity needs an overhaul, CSIRO warns

Australia’s biosecurity needs a major overhaul within a decade to protect people, environments and industries from a wave of invasive pests…

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Lightning Stories, Striking Facts, Creative Youth GALLERIES!

We are seeking your submissions now until the Conference. We want to illustrate the story of where we are today with nature conservation…

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Virtual Exhibition Booths

We currently have 20 exhibition booths confirmed. To request more information or to secure your booth, please click the button below…

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Pacific Ministers And Organisations To Push For Conservation Action At High-Level Segment

The High-level Segment is an opportunity for Pacific islands, partner countries and PIRT members to commit to regional priorities and…

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Pacific fisheries observer suspensions extended, WCPFC says health of observers a priority

The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) has extended the suspension of total fisheries observer coverage in the…

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Safeguarding Pacific agriculture with science

Invasive species are a major threat to the global economy and the environment, costing economies billions of dollars to control each year…

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Blue crimes on the rise in Pacific

Serious offences are taking place on, in, or across the Pacific maritime domain that put at risk the political stability and economic interests of…

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Webinar - The Journey to 30%: Community-Led Ocean Protection for 30x30

Panel participants will hear first-hand accounts on the successful efforts to designate and implement Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Palau…

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Call for nominations for IPBES workshop on modelling Nature Futures scenarios

The objectives of this workshop are to introduce the Nature Futures Framework and help catalyse the development of scenarios and…

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WHO Webinar - Race for nature and health

This Climate & Health Dialogue will reveal the connections between nature, climate change and human health outcomes, and explore…

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U.S. formally withdraws from Paris Agreement aimed at reducing risks of climate change

The United States formally withdrew from the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, a treaty between 96% of the world’s nations aimed at curbing…

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New book by UPEI professor explores the study of islands

A new book by UPEI professor Dr. James Randall offers up island studies as a tool to better understand our own world of islands. An Introduction to…

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Controlling deforestation and wildlife trade could prevent pandemics

Future pandemics could be prevented if unsustainable practices like deforestation and the industrial-scale wildlife trade are halted, according to…

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Sea-level rise will have complex consequences: study

Rising sea levels will affect coasts and human societies in complex and unpredictable ways, according to a new study that examined 12,000…

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In mangrove restoration, bespoke solutions trump one-size-fits-all approach

Previous mangrove restoration projects have proved unsustainable over the long term due to a focus on planting “in the wrong place…

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When a drought is over, here is what happens to forested areas where trees have died

A large international team of researchers has found that forested areas that experience tree loss due to drought have a wide range of…

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Study finds environmentally-friendly’ tableware harms marine animals

A new Tel Aviv University study compares the effects of two types of disposable dishes on the marine environment—regular plastic…

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University of the South Pacific - Pacific Scholarship for Excellence in Research & Innovation (PSERI) - Applications now Open

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the Pacific Scholarship for Excellence in Research & Innovation (PSERI)…

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Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund - Call for applications - 2021 Scholarship

The Ocean Foundation and The Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund seek applicants for the Boyd N. Lyon Scholarship, for the academic year 2020/2021…

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Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PAC) - Our next round of scholarships is open

We are now taking applications for our next scholarship cohort. You can find the list of eligible courses on our Current Courses page…

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Call for DAAD Scholarship applications for Admission 2021 - MSc in Tropical Forestry

You are invited to attend the 2021 MSc Course in Tropical Forestry. The course is taught in English at Technische Universität Dresden…

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BIOPAMA Rapid Response Grants 2020

On 2 June 2020 the BIOPAMA Action Component launched the call for proposals for Rapid Response Grants. The Rapid Response Grants are…

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BID call for proposals: Pacific 2020

GBIF invites the submission of concept notes for project funding from the Pacific through Biodiversity Information for Development (BID)…

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) Coordinator – ACPMEAs3 Project (MEACO)

This job exists to coordinate and manage project implementation in close collaboration with SPREP technical programmes, Pacific ACP…

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) Support Officer – ACPMEAs3 Project

Samoan Nationals & Permanent Residents Only. This job exists to provide technical and administrative support to the management and…

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Request for Tenders: Consultant to review, update and finalise the National Plan of Action for Sharks (NPOA-Sharks), Seabirds (NPOA-Seabirds) and Sea Turtles (NPOA-Turtle) in Vanuatu

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants (individuals or teams) to review, update and finalise the…

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Request for Tenders: Consultancy to support development of Solomon Islands national saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) management plan and harvest/monitoring pilot

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants (individuals or teams) to support the development of a…

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Technical Adviser – Information, Knowledge Management And Brokerage , Pacific Climate Change Centre

This job exists to support the Manager, PCCC in the coordination and delivery of the PCCC functions and activities, specifically on the Information…

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Request for Tenders: Consultancy to review and update policy and legislation related to crocodile management and trade in Papua New Guinea to satisfy CITES Convention requirements.

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants (individuals or teams) to undertake a review and update of…

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Request for Tenders: Building capacity of the Kingdom of Tonga to address regulatory and legal obligations relating to CITES with Appendix II listed giant clam, coral and shark species.

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants (individuals or teams) to lead the preparation of a number of…

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Request for Tenders: Review and update of ‘Guidelines for Invasive Species Management in the Pacific’.

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced invasive species/biodiversity consultants who can offer their…

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The Cook Islands National Environment Service (NES) and Marae Moana Coordination Office (MMCO) is seeking a consultant to…

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The Cook Islands National Environment Service (NES) and Marae Moana Coordination Office (MMCO) is seeking a consultant to…

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