PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 12-06-2020

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12 June 2020

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Invasive species threaten most protected areas across the world - new study

…one of the main ways that people are destroying the natural world is through the introduction of “aliens” – species that do not naturally occur in an area, but have been taken there deliberately or accidentally by humans. Aliens may consume, infect, breed with and compete with native species, and convert or destroy habitats, among other impacts.


American Samoa - Electronic reporting for American Samoa’s longline fisheries coming

Changes affecting fishing communities due to COVID-19 closures, mandatory electronic reporting for the American Samoa longline fishery and the…

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Solomon Islands - Makira suspends loggers’ licences

The Makira Ulawa Provincial Government has decided to temporarily suspend Felling and Logging Export Licenses for five…

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New Zealand - Focus back on marine protected areas

Public consultation on the proposed network of marine protection for the southeast South Island has resumed. The consultation process, originally…

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Australia - Unesco urged to declare Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’

Environmental law groups in the US and Australia are pushing Unesco to place the world heritage status of the Great Barrier Reef on an “in danger”…

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Vanuatu - Tree Planting to mark World Environment Day

The Ministry of Climate Change, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Energy and Environment in collaboration with the Department of Environmental…

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Fiji - Fiji Welcomes UK’s 30by30 Global Ocean Alliance Initiative

While other nations are using COVID-19 as an excuse to pause, or even roll back, Fiji won’t accept excuses when it comes to the environment…

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Samoa - Importance Of Collaboration Emphasised As Samoa Celebrates World Oceans Day.

“The ocean connects us, rather than separates us” - This message rang through the crisp morning air as the village of Moata’a, Samoa, and its…

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