PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 13-11-20

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13 November 2020


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Palau - PICRC releases a report on the status of 13 MPAs that are part of PAN

A new report titled, “Palau’s larger MPAs have higher fish biomass than smaller ones” has been released by the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC).


Samoa - Expert calls for more water quality research

A landmark study into the concentration of elements, bacteria and microplastics in Upolu waters is a solid foundation for more research…

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Niue - Village communities asked to help eradicate invasive species like the taro leaf vine

Trying to contain the spread and hopefully eradicate the Taro leaf vine and other invasive species is one of the Environment department’s main…

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Solomon Islands - Wagina Island residents win bid to stop bauxite mining plan in Solomon Islands

A remote community in the Solomon Islands has scored a huge victory against a mining company, which had planned to dig an open-pit mine on…

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Community-Based Fisheries Management continues to grow in Vanuatu

With support from the Vanuatu Fisheries Department (VFD) Takara village, North Efate, launched an extension of its Community-Based…

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Cook Islands - Recovery of the Kakerori – rare bird overcomes threat of extinction

In 1989, the Kakerori was on the brink of extinction. Now, it’s one of the front-runners in Te Ipukarea Society’s Bird of the Year contest!

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Marshall Islands - Study finds Marshall Islands could be lost to climate change as early as 2080

University of Hawaii researchers, using geological data, concluded the Marshall Islands could be lost to sea level rise as early as 2080…

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New Zealand - How life-cycle assessments can be (mis)used to justify more single-use plastic packaging

After banning plastic bags last year, New Zealand now proposes to regulate single-use plastic packaging and to ban various hard-to-recycle…

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Guam - Brown tree snakes found at Cocos Island

Brown tree snakes have been found again at Cocos Island, which is where experts have been working to increase the population of the endemic bird…

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Ready, set, go….access the Interactive Platform! Take a peek at the programme- ‌Pacific Islands Nature Conference

We are excited to invite you to access the Conference Platform! All registered participants now have access to the interactive platform!

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Pacific warned of food crisis

Australian research shows the Covid-19 pandemic could spark a food crisis in the Pacific. The report is the work of CSIRO and the Australian National…

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2020 tuna research at sea conducted, but cut back to follow COVID-19 rules

Two important tuna research trips have gone ahead in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) this year, although the research…

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Sea Turtles in Oceania MTSG Annual Regional Report 2020

The 2020 IUCN/MTSG Regional Report for Sea Turtles in Oceania was recently finalized and approved. The report consists of 675 pages and was…

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Pacific nations herald Biden presidency amid hope for action on climate emergency

Joe Biden’s presidential ascension had not even been settled when Fiji’s forthright prime minister was already urging greater US action on climate…

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