PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 16-10-2020

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16 October 2020


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Tools and Research Funding and Training Job Vacancies and Tenders

Partnerships, The Foundation Of Nature Conservation In The Pacific

Every five or so years, everyone that works on saving our Pacific biodiversity unites to review work done over the last five years, and plan work ahead in the coming five years for nature conservation – also known as our Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas.


Solomon Islands - WorldFish celebrates rural womens’ participation in fisheries

WorldFish celebrated the International Day of Rural Women in Western Province by bringing together women’s leaders to discuss their…

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Samoa - Villagers replant, clean mangroves in response to climate change

Vaiusu residents have begun to clear a patch of their coastline for a mangrove replanting project in a bid to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Cook Islands - Move to set sea borders helps Cooks fight illegal fishing

The Cook Islands is expecting a formal declaration of its sea borders to help in the battle against illegal fishing. The far-flung island nation…

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Vanuatu - Protecting Vanuatu’s Santo Mountain Chain Biodiversity Hotspot with Customary Taboos and Conservation Areas

Vanuatu’s longest stretch of coastline (over 110kms) is also home to Vanuatu’s largest biodiversity hotspot: The West Coast Santo Mountain…

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American Samoa - National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa seeks advisory council applicants

National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is seeking to fill seats on its advisory council, which represents the public’s interests…

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Palau - PICRC studies connectivity between PNMS and coastal waters

Researchers at the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) are investigating the movement patterns of fish between open ocean and…

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New Zealand - Call for ‘oceans policy’ for NZ

A Canterbury University law professor is calling for New Zealand to adopt a ‘national oceans policy’ and embrace a ‘clean blue’ image…

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Australia - Goldfields and Great Sandy Desert sites add 7 million hectares to Indigenous Protected Areas

Two sites in Western Australia amassing to an area larger than Tasmania have been placed in the care of traditional owners…

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10th Pacific Island Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas - Registration is now open!

Registration is now open for the 10th Pacific Island Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas! - Get onboard, see what it’s all about…

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How the Pacific Islands are Balancing COVID-19 Survival Demands on Coastal Fisheries with Sustainable Management

Coastal fisheries in the Pacific Islands have become a food and livelihood lifeline to many people who have lost jobs, especially in urban centres and…

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How Pacific environmental defenders are coping with the covid pandemic

In this new covid-19 world, environmental and climate crisis defenders are developing new ways to cope and operate under the…

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‘Poisoning the Pacific’: New book details US military contamination of islands and ocean

A new book, Poisoning the Pacific, to be released Monday, chronicles the US military’s decades-long contamination of indigenous lands…

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Conservation Group Pushes Feds To Set Habitat For Hawaii’s Endangered Iiwi Bird

Hawaii’s iconic iiwi, a honeycreeper bird known for its bright-red plumage, could go extinct in the coming decades without a designated…

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The most endangered species on Earth

…around the world, ecosystems and wildlife face growing threats from human activities, habitat loss and climate change. If one species dies…

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WEBINAR SERIES - Protected Areas for Everyone | SESSION 3A: Protected Area Rangers on the Front Lines of COVID-19: Opportunities and Challenges

SESSION 3A “Protected Area Rangers on the Front Lines of COVID-19: Opportunities and Challenges” invites you to learn from the…

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The Evolving War on Illegal Wildlife Trade

Illegal trafficking and unsustainable trade in wildlife are causing unprecedented declines in some species. They can also potentially…

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The Protected Areas Collaboration – calling for regional representatives

The Protected Areas Collaboration for Learning & Research (PAC) - previously the Protected Areas Learning & Research Collaboration…

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UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook report: A wake-up call

The fifth edition of the UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook report…provides an overview of the state of nature worldwide. Factors like man’s…

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To protect nature’s benefits, focus on people

To calculate the true value of a forest, we need to know how people benefit from it, according to new research published in Nature Sustainability…

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Study confirms plastics threat to south pacific seabirds

Plastic gathered from remote corners of the South Pacific Ocean, including nesting areas of New Zealand albatrosses, has confirmed the global threat of plastic pollution to seabirds.

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Coral “rainforests” discovered in deep waters

Researchers have found “sea rainforests” in deep seas, most of them in the two-thirds of the ocean’s deep waters where no nation has…

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Countries are failing to protect nature in their COVID-19 recovery plans

A group of economists, anthropologists, and environmental scientists from three continents argued that concrete policies to promote…

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Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds

One-fifth of the world’s countries are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing because of the destruction of wildlife and their habitats, according to…

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Restoring 30% of the world’s ecosystems in priority areas could stave off extinctions and absorb CO2

Returning specific ecosystems that have been replaced by farming to their natural state in all continents worldwide would rescue the majority…

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UCL PhD Scholarship Offer - Multi-Disciplinary Research Related to the Global Management of Natural Resources

The Chemical Engineering Department is seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated post-graduate student

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Call for DAAD Scholarship applications for Admission 2021 - MSc in Tropical Forestry

You are invited to attend the 2021 MSc Course in Tropical Forestry. The course is taught in English at Technische Universität Dresden…

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BIOPAMA Rapid Response Grants 2020

On 2 June 2020 the BIOPAMA Action Component launched the call for proposals for Rapid Response Grants. The Rapid Response Grants are…

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BID call for proposals: Pacific 2020

GBIF invites the submission of concept notes for project funding from the Pacific through Biodiversity Information for Development (BID)…

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Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PAC) - Our next round of scholarships is open

We are now taking applications for our next scholarship cohort. You can find the list of eligible courses on our Current Courses page…

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