PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 19-06-2020

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19 June 2020

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Cook Islands to grant seabed mining exploration licenses within a year

Cook Islands to grant seabed mining exploration licenses within a year. The Cook Islands government will allow miners to prospect for minerals on its seabed, with an eye to commencing mining within five years.


Tonga - Tonga’s Launches First State Of Environment Report On World Environment Day

A week long commemoration of World Environment Day culminated in the launching of Tonga’s first ever State of Environment Report (SoE) 2019…

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Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea chiefs call for halt to plan for country’s largest ever mine

Chiefs from 28 haus tambarans – “spirit houses” – representing 78,000 people along Papua New Guinea’s remote Sepik river have formally…

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Solomon Islands - Suidani meets Mai Masina Green Belt

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani has welcomed and congratulated Mai Masina Green Belt, a local environmental group, over…

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Australia - Coral Sea’s deep-water reef secrets revealed as pandemic sees research ship redeployed

A robotic submarine has uncovered the sea floor secrets of the ocean off north-eastern Australia, revealing deep-water coral communities and…

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New Zealand - Planting non-native trees accelerates the release of carbon back into the atmosphere

Large-scale reforestation projects such as New Zealand’s One Billion Trees programme are underway in many countries to help sequester…

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