PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 21-08-2020

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21 August 2020

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To preserve tropical forests, empower local communities

The world’s tropical forests offer immense value to humanity, and the evidence of this is now overwhelming… One estimate of the ecosystem services these forests provide—the direct and indirect contributions they offer to human well-being—is more than $40 trillion dollars annually.


Fiji - Fiji suspends ban on fish to ease economic woes

Fiji’s government has lifted the seasonal ban on the harvest, sale and consumption of Coral Trout and Grouper, or Donu and Kawakawa,…

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Samoa - Baseline Survey Of Masamasa-Falelima National Park Records Positive Findings

The very first baseline survey and assessment of the Masamasa-Falelima National Park has indicated evidence of the presence of the…

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Papua New Guinea - Are the World’s Most Endangered Rays Living in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea?

Scientists love having a mystery to solve and gathering clues to find out if something is real or not. Since January 2019 my organization, the…

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Palau - 3rd National Environment Symposium looks inward at Self-reliance to Build Resilience

This Symposium will feature a diverse group of fishers, small business owners, policy makers, and service providers who will discuss ways…

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Australia - Scientists urge reassessment of threatened species after Australian bushfires

A new paper suggests that the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires impacted critical habitats of more than 800 native species, with 70 species…

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New Zealand - Tracking re-invasion of mice on offshore havens

The new study, from the University of Auckland in collaboration with the Department of Conservation, investigated mouse invasions of…

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10th Pacific Islands Conference Nature Conservation and Protected Areas

SPREP, PIRT and New Caledonia, event organizers for the 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas…

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Tuna tagging expedition to gauge Pacific fishery’s health

The Pacific Community’s annual tuna tagging expedition is underway in the central Pacific. The seven week research mission monitors the…

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COVID-19 related Challenges for Protected Areas and Biodiversity in the Pacific Region

The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Programme (BIOPAMA) is conducting a global review of the impacts of COVID-19 on area based…

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