PIPAP Weekly Newsletter 26-06-2020

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26 June 2020

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Trump likely to revoke protection for Pacific marine sanctuaries

Following his directive to open the Atlantic Ocean’s fully protected marine sanctuary to commercial fishing, President Donald Trump is expected to put two marine national monuments in the Pacific region on the chopping block as well…


Solomon Islands - FAD launches in Malaita to support incomes during COVID-19 restrictions

This group of Malaita residents is preparing to release a fish-aggregating device (FAD) at Uhu in the West Are’are area of Solomon Islands’…

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New Zealand - Government crack down on fishing methods to protect New Zealand Hector’s and Māui dolphins

A nationwide ban on drift netting is among a raft of changes to fishing methods as part of a Government plan to protect endangered dolphins…

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American Samoa - Meeting set on management of American Samoa bottomfish and longliners

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council will convene June 22 to 25 to address management of American Samoa bottomfish and…

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Fiji - Cultural tabu: how an ancient ocean custom is saving Fiji’s reefs

Mosese Vesikara and his uncle, Kinikoto Mailautoka, are on the reef collecting sea urchins for lunch…When out collecting Vesikara and the…

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Cook Islands - Cooks tuna fishery is a model for the Pacific

Conservationists want the whole Pacific region to adopt the Cook Islands fisheries management approach. Experts at Conservation…

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Australia - Endangered Australian fish being sold in shops and restaurants

Endangered fish species are being routinely sold to Australian and international consumers thanks to a little-known feature of environmental…

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Palau - New children’s book about endangered sea turtles debuts in Palau

“The day is now evening with a big full moon, and Grandpa wants to find a turtle soon.” This is how the new bilingual book Grandpa and the…

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Vanuatu - Insect brought in to fight cat’s claw creeper infestation

The Department of Biosecurity (DoB) has brought in tingid, an insect developed as a biocontrol agent against cat’s claw creeper, an…

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10th Pacific Islands Conference Nature Conservation and Protected Areas

SPREP, PIRT and New Caledonia, event organizers for the 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas…

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Fisheries observer safety a key focus, as FFA wraps up annual meeting

Initiatives to improve job prospects and safety at sea for fishing observers has been a key focus of the 114th Forum Fisheries Committee…

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NZ aerial patrols resume over Niue, Cook Islands

The New Zealand Defence Force is resuming aerial patrols in the Pacific following concerns about illegal fishing in the region. A Royal New Zealand Air Force

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COVID-19 related Challenges for Protected Areas and Biodiversity in the Pacific Region

The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Programme (BIOPAMA) is conducting a global review of the impacts of COVID-19 on area based…

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Six Ways Nature Can Protect Us from Climate Change

This month, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a brand-new animation to explain the increasingly popular…

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Papahānaumokuākea Research and Conservation Fund Announces $1 Million in Grants to Support Management and Conservation

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) today announced that its Papahānaumokuākea Research and Conservation Fund…

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World Rainforest Day: The world’s great rainforests

June 22 is World Rainforest Day, which is a “collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests”,

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The State of the Tropics Matters Wherever You Live

June 29 is the day the world gets a definitive answer to the question, “Are things getting better in the tropics?” The question might not seem…

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National parks are being overrun by invasive species

Wearing headlamps and muck boots, the band of volunteer conservationists trudges into dark forests in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and…

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Perspective - What protecting the ocean can teach us about police brutality

Sometimes you can find insight in surprising places. As a graduate student who studies marine conservation and protected areas,…

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WWF Marine Turtle Valuation Survey

WWF is committed to stopping the decline of marine turtles and is advocating for greater protection against the threats they face…

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