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22 January 2021


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2020: a truly unimaginable year for biodiversity

The year 2020 was always destined to be a crucial one for biodiversity, with the Cop15 conference in Kunming, China scheduled for October, at which the international community was expected to agree a Paris-style agreement for nature.


Palau - Chinese poachers barred from returning to Palau

Two weeks following their release, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has issued a statement that the 28 Chinese poachers apprehended at Helen…

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Marshall Islands - Marshalls fisheries hires one of the Pacific’s top fisheries experts

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) has signed on one of the Pacific region’s top fisheries experts provide it legal…

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Cook Islands - Plea for fisherman to watch out for turtles

Cook Islands Turtle Conservation Society (Te Ara O Te Onu) is calling on local fishermen to check their net at least every four hours when they are…

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Vanuatu - Chinese fishing vessels seized

Two Chinese flagged fishing vessels have been detained by the RVS Tukoro after they were detected operating within Vanuatu waters…

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New Zealand - New Zealand secures global sustainability event on coral reefs

The International Coral Reef Society’s Symposium will be held in Auckland in…mid-2025…The conference will bring together top scientists…

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Australia - 75% of Australia’s marine protected areas are given only ‘partial’ protection. Here’s why that’s a problem

Australia prides itself on having one of the largest marine protected area networks in the world…But only one quarter of this network is fully…

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Forum chair welcomes US re-entry to Paris Agreement

The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum has welcomed the re-entry of the United States to the Paris climate agreement. Within hours of his…

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Nuclear weapons ban treaty comes into force

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons comes into force under the provisions of international law after recently reaching its 50th…

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More than 100 aquatic-science societies sound climate alarm

Prompted by the urgency of the situation, 111 aquatic-science societies — representing more than 80,000 scientists from 7 continents…

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How the Biden administration can take action for biodiversity conservation

President-elect Joe Biden ran his campaign, in part, on a promise to fight climate change. But climate isn’t the only crisis in town. The world also…

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How science can put the Sustainable Development Goals back on track

In October, United Nations secretary-general António Guterres made a series of key appointments. He tasked 15 scientists from around the world…

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An Antidote for Environmental Despair

As the environmental problems facing our world compound, despair may feel like a rational response. In her new book, Hope Matters: Why Changing…

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Why effective marine protected areas matter

The coastal habitats in Indonesia are being exploited beyond their capacity from overfishing by more fishers using more efficient fishing gears, and…

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Saving 30 percent of land and ocean by 2030 not an easy goal

Nature loss is accelerating at an unprecedented rate with 1 million species facing extinction. Analysts said the commitment by China and…

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Protected areas vulnerable to growing emphasis on food security

Protected areas are critical to mitigating extinction of species; however, they may also be in conflict with efforts to feed the growing…

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Crimes at sea: when we frame illegal fishers as human and drug smugglers, everyone loses

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing costs economies up to US$50 billion globally each year, and makes up to one-fifth of the global catch…

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Fisheries need to make gender inclusion a norm, not just ‘reach’ women, says Pacific study

A study into gender-inclusion approaches on Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands finds most focus on women while overlooking the role of…

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Turn off that camera during virtual meetings, environmental study says

It’s not just to hide clutter anymore—add “saving the planet” to the reasons you leave the camera off during your next virtual meeting. A new study…

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Earth to reach temperature tipping point in next 20 to 30 years, new study finds

Earth’s ability to absorb nearly a third of human-caused carbon emissions through plants could be halved within the next two decades at the current…

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Forest loss ‘hotspots’ bigger than Germany: WWF

More than 43 million hectares of forest—an area bigger than Germany—have been lost in a little over a decade in just a handful of deforestation…

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The Nature Conservancy - Conservationtraining.org

ConservationTraining is an open and free learning community that offers conservation-based training materials from The Nature Conservancy and…

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Sue Taei Ocean Fellowship For Indigenous Women of the Pacific

The Sue Taei Ocean Fellowship is a new education and professional development opportunity for Indigenous Pacific Island women…

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Request for Tenders: Technical Assistant for the Mainstreaming of the Indicator Reporting Tool and the Samoa State of Environment Report

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants that will work with the Environment Sector Coordination…

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Request for Tenders: READVERTISEMENT - Enhancing the climate resilience of vulnerable island communities in the Federated States of Micronesia - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

SPREP would like to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants who can offer their services to assist SPREP and the…

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