What type of informational resources do you find useful for coral reef conservation?


This poster was recently published by a non-profit organsation, Danjugan Sanctuary, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Most of these species on the poster can be found in the Pacific. Would it be useful to do something similar Pacific specific?

Here’s an example of a factsheet targeted to a high level audience with quick facts about the Region:

What other informational resources do you find useful that you would like to share? What types are still needed? In your response, please indicate the specific topic.



Coral reefs are one of Earth’s most productive ecosystems — both in terms of biology and cold, hard cash. Healthy coral reef ecosystems do everything from supporting millions of jobs to protecting lives and valuable coastal infrastructure, like hotels and roads, from storms and waves.

Did you know that each year, the Pacific coral reefs are worth US$3.8 billion each year?

Here’s a helpful animation: